Monday, June 21, 2010

Here is a song I've written for all soccer fans:

Rising after the fall
Moving with the ball
You just watch me
Going towards the goal

Alongwith my feet
It keeps its roll
You’ve to face me
If you want this ball

Millions of hopes
Riding on me
I gotta give it all
For my country

I feel the universe
Bowing unto me
And my fellows
Falling over me

Injured but secure
Bound yet so free
Never knew before
What it likes to be

I’m the reason of unity
I’m the cause of dignity
I’m playing for peace
And joy of my fraternity

Sorcerer of soccer
They call me in honor
Getting all the love
I forever longed for

I make peoples meet
I make hearts beat
I’m the one
Who can fly on feet