Sunday, September 19, 2010

Best Computer Games

Chess, Carrom, Sudoku, Minesweeper, Tetris, Pacman, Arkanoid, Asteroid, Frogger.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best Mathematics Softwares

Mathematica (Birth/First release: 23 June 1988 ; Forerunner: Macsyma, Symbolic Manipulation Program/SMP ; Conceiver: Stephen Wolfram ; Designer: Stephen Wolfram, Chris Cole ; Developer/Publisher: Wolfram Research ; Programming Language: C, Mathematica ; Latest version: 8.0.0 ; Last release: 15 November 2010)
Matlab (Birth/First release: 3 December 1984 ; Conceiver: Cleve Moler ; Designer: Cleve Moler, Steve Bangert, Jack Little ; Developer/Publisher: MathWorks ; Programming Language: C, Java ; Latest version: 7.11/R2010b ; Last release: 3 September 2010)
Maple (Birth/First release: January 1982 ; Forerunner: Macsyma ; Developer/Publisher: Waterloo Maple Inc./Maplesoft ; Programming Language: C, Java, Maple ; Latest version: 14.01 ; Last release: 28 October 2010)
Mathcad: (Birth/First release: 1986 ; Developer/Publisher: Mathsoft, Parametric Technology Corporation/PTC ; Latest version: 15 ; Last release: 28 June 2010)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Here is a song I've written for all soccer fans:

Rising after the fall
Moving with the ball
You just watch me
Going towards the goal

Alongwith my feet
It keeps its roll
You’ve to face me
If you want this ball

Millions of hopes
Riding on me
I gotta give it all
For my country

I feel the universe
Bowing unto me
And my fellows
Falling over me

Injured but secure
Bound yet so free
Never knew before
What it likes to be

I’m the reason of unity
I’m the cause of dignity
I’m playing for peace
And joy of my fraternity

Sorcerer of soccer
They call me in honor
Getting all the love
I forever longed for

I make peoples meet
I make hearts beat
I’m the one
Who can fly on feet

Thursday, April 1, 2010

prime number theorem and postulates

1. the maximum periodicity of the reciprocal of a number n is n-1. (Gauss)
2. if the periodicity of 1/n is n-1 then n must be prime. the converse is not true.
3. if the periodicity of 1/p is always a factor of p-1.
4. if the periodicity of 1/p is p-1 then it must exhibit the property of revolution. hence a revolution characteristic can be associated to the prime number p.
5. on the basis of periodicity of reciprocals of prime numbers, they may be classified as true primes and pseudo-primes. (total-reciprocal-periodic prime (trp) or partial-reciprocal-periodic prime (prp))
6. the periodicity of 1/p2 is p*(periodicity of 1/p). In fact the periodicity of 1/n2 is either n*(periodicity of 1/n) or LCM of n and periodicity of 1/n.
7. the perodicity of 1/(p1*p2) is the LCM of the perodicities of 1/p1 and 1/p2.
8. if the decimal part (including left zeroes) of 1/n is denoted by d, then the decimal part of 1/d is n preceded by [d]-[n] zeroes. ([ ] signifies number of digits)
9. the location of nulls in a discontinuous revolution characteristic may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. (Symmetrically discontinuous or Asymmetrically discontinuous)
10. the diameter of circular revolution of a number the length of whose reciprocal is d is always d/2.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Save tigers. their population in india is estimated at only 1411. irony is that there are around 1141 million humans in the same country. (as per 2008 statistics)

reduction in tiger's population symbolizes as well as accompanies waning of our moral character and inner strength. so if we wan't to protect our national animal we should prevent ourselves from spiritual degeneration.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My smile is tuned with yours
Your smile is tuned with mine
Within the synchrony of our smiles
Is the rhythm divine
The stones were settled, and so were the cold moon-rays. The blades of the grass were laden with little dewdrops. There was a star hidden behind every leaf of the pine foliage. The girl cast her beautiful blue eyes and took a deep breath. A squirrel passed before her and climbed up the pine. Her spine shivered with joy. She turned to see her grandma who was still asleep on her easy chair. She felt herself in the contagious chill of the breeze. She sensed the gentle strokes of her own hair on her soft skin. Every now and then it was drizzling to unfold many of her hidden feelings which she never felt before. The lamp shone over her placid face with an enchanting elegance. She gazed at the old lady for sometime and her favorite rhymes arrived with a melodious hum on her lips. And she felt like a subject of her grandmother’s fairy tale. She wished to greet someone to convey the emotions she discovered that night. But she found herself alone.