Thursday, March 11, 2010

The stones were settled, and so were the cold moon-rays. The blades of the grass were laden with little dewdrops. There was a star hidden behind every leaf of the pine foliage. The girl cast her beautiful blue eyes and took a deep breath. A squirrel passed before her and climbed up the pine. Her spine shivered with joy. She turned to see her grandma who was still asleep on her easy chair. She felt herself in the contagious chill of the breeze. She sensed the gentle strokes of her own hair on her soft skin. Every now and then it was drizzling to unfold many of her hidden feelings which she never felt before. The lamp shone over her placid face with an enchanting elegance. She gazed at the old lady for sometime and her favorite rhymes arrived with a melodious hum on her lips. And she felt like a subject of her grandmother’s fairy tale. She wished to greet someone to convey the emotions she discovered that night. But she found herself alone.

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